Sherie Catledge is going to return to Kathy and John’s to pick up where she left off in coaching and training. She will be in town November 5-11.  It is great that Sherie will be here so many days.  We really hope that more club members will be able to take advantage of this opportunity. 
Unfortunately the club will not be able to continue to subsidize the cost of this for members.  We were fortunate that we were able to do this in the past but since we have no real source of income at this time we need everyone to pay the full $50 per day.  Hopefully we will be able to raise funds by having a hunt test or other other fund raiser so that we can resume subsidizing training. 
There will be three 30 minute private lesson spots available each morning for an additional $10. Sherie said she may even offer a few private lessons at the end of the day as time allows.  This will allow time for specific issues to be addressed.  We ask that you sign up in advance for the private lessons. This opportunity will be offered to our club members first come first serve.  If there are spots open after club members sign up, we will invite others to participate.

You may sign up for as many days as you would like.  There is a two dog per handler maximumClass size will be limited to 12-15 handlers per day.  

Deadline for sign up before we will open for non club members is September 1,2020.

contact: to RSVP

Training Day

July 11 we will have training with Carolyn Elam at Kathy and John’s. (12396 Bethel Ridge Vevay, IN)  Carolyn is going to spend time working on gun handling for those of us who need help. We have a few club guns, but if you have your own please bring it.  While she is doing that, if you don’t want to participate we will have set ups for you and your dog.

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