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Welcome to the Ohio River Hunting Retrieving Club (ORHRC). Our Club is designed to help you improve your dog’s hunting, retrieving, obedience and if desired, achieve UKC titles. 

At the ORHRC, we welcome all breeds of retrievers.
 Our club will host multiple training days and events which will expose your dog to real-life hunting situations, including upland.

Our current members range from amateur to professional trainers. Our members are willing to help you and your dog achieve the level of training you desire.

Payment Instructions:

For your convenience please use our secure PayPal service to complete your membership. You do not have to have a PayPal Account to use this service, all major credit and debit cards are excepted through PayPal.


Membership dues for one year


If you wish to send a check for your membership, please mail a check in the amount of $25.00 payable to the Ohio River HRC. Include your name, email address, and phone number.

Mail Check to:

Ohio River HRC
3561 Carpenters Creek Drive
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241

Once dues are received you will be added to our club email list to receive ORHRC updates and training day events.

Membership Includes:

ORHRC- Membership dues are payable annually in the amount of ($25.00) on February 1st of each year. Membership includes the use of club equipment, an invitation to training days, annual meeting, monthly meeting/training days, voting rights at the club level. Membership may also include discounted equipment, supplies, and birds, all subject to availability.

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